domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2014

Thanks to Cal Clown for helping me and introducing me to my clown

Coming to Cal Clown is an experience that I fear I will never match again but I would never have missed it for the world.

I have spent one month with friends from all over the world. I have been squashed in a car with dogs, vegetables, costumes, props, clowns and garbage. I have performed on the street, in a school, in an old peoples home and at a mental institution. I have played with the clown dogs and the clown cat.

I have listened to the head clown and made her laugh. I have had so much fun and laughs with my fellow clowns.

I have drank Estrella ‘til I became blue in the face, ‘til the cows came home, however you want to say it. I have had plenty of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. I have eaten dinner at 11:30, Spanish time.

I have experienced clown birth, I have liked grass. I have cried on stage, I have laughed a lot. I have punned, joked, pulled ridiculous faces and I did it all for my clown.

Thanks to Cal Clown for helping me and introducing me to my clown. Thanks for the “u” sound. Thank you for the music. Everything is awesome!

Thank you clowns and friends. You are all very special clowns and I will miss you all, your energies, your unique personalities and your warmth. Thank you Clara for your patience, your guidance and your love.

Don`t forget to pun and if you do think of me.

Whooopsie, sorry, weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Amy (28, from England - 1 Month Professional Course in October 2014) 

Her gift helping people to find their clown is amazing. Thank you Clara!

When you drive to Cal Clown, through the woods in the dark along small paths, you don`t know what is expecting you and perhaps get even a bit scared. But than Clara welcomes you, shining and inviting you into her house and you know there is nothing you need to be scared of.

I didn’t have high expectations of this course. I just wanted to try out clown, to have another access to stage as actress. But I wasn’t very ambitious I must admit.

Then we went on the streets, just on the second day of the course and were all surprised that Clara thought we were able to be clowns, just like that. This trust of her in us was great. As I put on my red nose, wearing a funny costume, people started to call “Payaso, Payaso, Clown!” I could see a sparkle in their eyes, I have never seen when I was just acting. So I really wanted to please the people as Clown. From this day on, I was totally motivated to become a clown.

Clara offered so much to us to become a Clown, we were new born in the nature, played by the river, discovered our voice and our body in a new way. We played games on stage, that were not only really funny but also helped us to learn how to keep the energy high and the intelligence low. We also learned that Clowns can even do monologues, which I enjoyed very much.

The environment of Cal Clown is so beautiful and living with the cat and the dogs in the nature, helps so much to open up and enjoy. Showing love through the things you do at Cal Clown, when you cook and clean all together, is really fun. You feel at home and loved, especially when it is your hugging day.

I have never been so fearless on stage. Clara encouraged us to go on stage without having much ideas and a plan what to do and it worked for me so good to just have fun on stage and enjoy offering play to my partner or the audience. We learned that you don’t have to be a good juggler or mime to do a good number. Clara managed to find something funny and good in all our ideas for numbers. It was magical how she created shows with us in very short time. So we could perform and experiment with our numbers in front of different audiences. And all this in just one month.

Her gift helping people to find their clown is amazing. Thank you Clara!

Inga (32, from Germany - 1 Month Professional Course in October 2014).