domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2014

Thanks to Cal Clown for helping me and introducing me to my clown

Coming to Cal Clown is an experience that I fear I will never match again but I would never have missed it for the world.

I have spent one month with friends from all over the world. I have been squashed in a car with dogs, vegetables, costumes, props, clowns and garbage. I have performed on the street, in a school, in an old peoples home and at a mental institution. I have played with the clown dogs and the clown cat.

I have listened to the head clown and made her laugh. I have had so much fun and laughs with my fellow clowns.

I have drank Estrella ‘til I became blue in the face, ‘til the cows came home, however you want to say it. I have had plenty of vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. I have eaten dinner at 11:30, Spanish time.

I have experienced clown birth, I have liked grass. I have cried on stage, I have laughed a lot. I have punned, joked, pulled ridiculous faces and I did it all for my clown.

Thanks to Cal Clown for helping me and introducing me to my clown. Thanks for the “u” sound. Thank you for the music. Everything is awesome!

Thank you clowns and friends. You are all very special clowns and I will miss you all, your energies, your unique personalities and your warmth. Thank you Clara for your patience, your guidance and your love.

Don`t forget to pun and if you do think of me.

Whooopsie, sorry, weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Amy (28, from England - 1 Month Professional Course in October 2014) 

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