lunes, 21 de junio de 2010

Experiencias de un intercambista y alumno de Cal Clown

About the 2-month Professional Clown Course in the Escola de Clown de Barcelona... Well, definitely an experience of a lifetime! I've learned so many things here. About Clowns, about myself, about everything. Imagine: Two months in a beautiful house in the middle of the forest, living full time with the other Clown students and the Clown teachers. Learning, creating, trying new stuff, sharing. That's so unique, I loved it.

Before coming here I was a bit worried about the shows that we would have to do. I WAS (?) a computer guy, didn't know anything about clowns (neither about acting or about creating Clown numbers). Well, shouldn't have worried: everything came out so naturally. Here in Cal Clown, even the smallest tiny idea can turn into a great clown number, because we think Clown all day, and because we always have the teachers around to help us and to make sure that we go in the right direction.

So we created original numbers, and then we performed them in different places: in a restaurant, in the tent of Cal Clown, in a bar, in a children's shelter, in the hospital, in the street. That was so interesting! I discovered that I love to analyze how humor works, so it was great for me to be able perform my numbers with different type of audience, and see what works best, and why... Trying things, and trying again, and experimenting, and discovering. That's what I came for.

When I think about it, we did so many things in only 2 months! I know that every course here is different, because Clara adapts the teaching to the specificities of each group of students. That's also what makes it so unique. Who would have told me that during the Clown course I would talk to horses, or that we'd have a stand-up comedy class? It was great for me to try all those things, to experiment and to discover what I like most. And Who knows what surprises she will prepare for the next students?

What did I learn in Cal Clown? It's hard to answer, because I feel that I've learned so many things! I started to make a list, but it doesn't make sense, I don't want to "reduce" what I've learned here to a list of concepts. So let's just talk about the most important thing for me: I've learned that clowning can give me great pleasure.

So to finish I'd like to thank Clara for everything. She created this school because she deeply loves Clowning and she wants to share it: that's really something you can feel here. That was the best gift for me. Thanks so much!

Now I feel great, and I want to keep on Clowning and creating new numbers and performing them to spread the magic of the Clown! See you guys out there!

Yann Terrien

Sobre la vida en Cal Clown:

Fue una experiencia muy positiva a nivel personal: vivir todos juntos (alumnos, profesores y trabajadores) y compartir el amor por el Clown durante 2 meses. Hice amigos tanto entre los otros estudiantes, como entre los trabajadores, y todos hemos compartido esta sensación de estar viviendo una experiencia extraordinaria. Otra cosa muy importante para mi, fue que los que trabajan aqui comparten nuestro amor por el Clown: han venido a ver nuestros shows, han visto como hemos evolucionado, nos han apoyado y estaban orgullosos de nosotros cuando teníamos éxito. Y como si no fuera suficiente, después de todo eso nos preparaban comidas buenísimas. Siempre intentaban hacer todo lo necesario para que nosotros, los alumnos, no tuvieramos ninguna preocupación. Así, hemos podido poner toda nuestra energía en el aprendizaje del Clown, con toda confianza, para poder crear y descubrir sin límites. ¿Qué más se puede pedir? Para mi vivir y estudiar en Cal Clown fue un lujo total. Inolvidable!

Yann Terrien

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