viernes, 8 de julio de 2011

I want more!

This course has been my first clown experience. I have learned a lot .. about myself and about what it is to be a clown.

At the beginning I was a bit blocked doing the exercises and enjoying myself like a clown. I learned how I can look a person into the eyes, laugh with my eyes. I also have learned that I can find a special pleasure when I break the rules in a particular logical way. I learned not to think too much when I’m on stage… to find my pleasure and the pleasure of the audience.

I have learned how to behave on stage, how I can fall and not be injured. I have learned to find pleasure when I work with others.

I have learned to approach people in the street. I have learned to express my emotion when performing. I have learned that in a simple way I can do funny numbers.

I have learned many more things, like how to adapt myself to taking group decisions. I have to learn more about clown… I liked it very much and I hope that this experience opened my mind, my heart, my body, my feeling, my soul in a search for my way to be a clown.

I have learned what it is to be in the flop. I have learned how to see the comedy in attitudes and situations, in violence.

I have discovered the history of clown.

I want more.

PS: When I get home I don’t want the clown to stay in Spain, but to stay with me all my life.


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